Belize Canoe Association gets provisional membership in ICF

By on April 16, 2015

Lausanne, Switzerland. Wednesday, april 15, 2015. The Belize Canoe Association this week received some good news.  

The group has been accepted as a provisional member of the International Canoe Federation, (ICF).

In a letter to the president of the Belize Canoe Association, the ICF announced that the board of directors of the international organization approved the provisional membership which could be elevated to full membership pending a two-thirds vote at the 2016 congress.  

Belize Canoe Association

Belize Canoe Association

As a provisional member of the ICF, Belize now gets to take part in competitions sponsored by the International Canoe Federation, including the Continental and World Championships.

Provisional membership also gives Belize a seat at the ICF congress to be held in Tunisia in November of next year.

Belize stands to benefit substantially from the provisional membership, and eventually full membership in the International Canoe Federation through the ICF Development Program and the IOC Olympic Solidarity.

The Local Canoe Association is now required to submit to the ICF headquarters in Switzerland, copies of its statutes and a letter from the Belize Olympic Committee.  

The letter announcing the provisional membership came with an offer from the ICF to assist Belize in the development of the sport of canoeing, upon written request from the Belize Canoe Association. 

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