Canadian couple injured during aggravated burglary in Placencia village

By on November 26, 2013

The death of Dangriga resident Tyson Rodriguez, 27, while in police custody has overshadowed a brutal home invasion on the Placencia Peninsula late last week. 

David Baier, 59 and his wife Sonia Baier, 61 were viciously attacked as they reportedly walked in the Plantation area on Thursday night of last week. 

According to a police report on the incident, the Baier couple was robbed of their personal belongings and cash, and Sonia Baier sustained a broken jaw during the robbery. 

David Baier told police that he was almost drowned by his attackers who allegedly submerged him several times under water. 

The Canadian couple also reported to police that they were forced to take their attackers to their home where they were tied up and their home burglarized of jewelry, cash and electronic items. 

Police say that the alleged robbers made good their escape in the couple’s GMC Envoy. 

According to the police report, the Baier’s SUV was located on Friday morning on a feeder road near Chan Chen village, Corozal. 

Police reports say that Tyson Rodriguez, believed to have been one of the occupants of the SUV as it was pursued by authorities, was apprehended by police and Customs department officials with the assistance of residents of Xiabe village, reportedly after Rodriguez attempted to flee from police by running into the school compound and then into some high bushes. 

Rodriguez was taken from Xiabe village to the Corozal police station and then transferred to Belmopan.  On Friday afternoon, Rodriguez was transferred to the custody of Placencia police.

During the police questioning, something went horribly wrong, and by 10:45 pm on Friday, Tyson Rodriguez was pronounced dead. 

Police initially reported that Rodriguez jumped out of the police pickup truck while he was being escorted to an area on the Placencia Peninsula, reportedly where items taken in the Baeir home invasion and burglary were located.

The official police report on the incident said that “the area was searched and the team was alerted by two Hispanic male persons in the area that they saw a male person in the water floating in the vicinity of Chabel Mar about ½ mile south of the Police Station.Police went into the water where they retrieved the body of a male person who was identified as Tyson Rodriguez.”  

The death of Rodriguez, while in police custody and a suspect in the incident of aggravated burglary, is now the subject of a criminal and internal police investigation ordered by the Commissioner of Police.

That internal investigation is being led by Assistant Superintendent of Polive Humberto Romero from the Criminal Investigations Branch and Assistant Commissioner of Polive Noel Leal from the Professional Standards Branch. 

Regarding the burglary and attack on David and Sonia Baier, police say they have one suspect in custody and are looking for another person who the authorities believe can assist them in their investigation of the burglary.

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