San Miguel PTA prepares school compound for classes

By on January 12, 2018
San Miguel R.C. School

San Miguel R.C. School

San Miguel, TOLEDO. Friday, January 12, 2018. Students of the San Miguel Roman Catholic Primary School returned to classes on Monday, January 8 for the start of the second term of the 2017-2018 academic year.

The return to classes was made much more pleasant by the efforts of the Parent Teachers Association.

In the days leading up to the reopening of school, the PTA organized a cleanup campaign and made sure that the grass was cut, debris collected and hauled away and that everything was in order for the resumption of classes.

San Miguel R.C. School

San Miguel R.C. School

Also included in the New Year’s gift to the students and teachers, the San Miguel PTA handed over a new flag monument.

Vice Chairman of the PTA James Cal, handed over the monument to Principal of the school Louis Chubb during morning assembly.

The students proudly raised the Belize flag and sang the Belize National Anthem.

Among the contributors who made the flag monument possible are the Humana People to People; Los Porticos Villas Resort; Orlando Choco & Family and the San Miguel PTA.

San Miguel R.C. School

San Miguel R.C. School

In related news, the San Miguel PTA continued its advocacy for an additional teacher for the preschool and on Monday, that dream became a reality.

Over forty preschoolers now occupy the newly renovated school building.

In handing over the flag monument, vice chairman Cal explained that the first flag monument at the San Miguel R.C. School was donated by the Rio Grande Farmers Cooperative twenty six year ago.

But due to wear and tear, the flag monument had to be taken down and now replaced by the efforts of the PTA.

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