Fair weather for most of this week

By on July 22, 2019

Sea Front Hotel Punta Gorda
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Punta Gorda, TOLEDO. Monday, July 23, 2019. Fair weather conditions are now prevailing factors in our weather early in the week.

The general forecast for Belize and her coastal waters is for partly cloudy skies tonight.

Tomorrow will be sunny. Showers will be isolated.

Winds over the open sea and along the coast will be easterly at between ten and twenty knots, producing light chop to choppy sea conditions.

Low temperatures at dawn will be around eighty two degrees Fahrenheit along the coast; seventy five degrees Fahrenheit inland and a cool sixty eight degrees Fahrenheit up in the hills.

Southern Highway looking towards Joe Taylor Bridge

High temperatures on Tuesday will be around eighty seven degrees Fahrenheit along the coast; ninety four degrees Fahrenheit inland and eighty four degrees Fahrenheit up at the exposed areas of the Mountain Pine Ridge and along the Maya Mountains in the south.

The tides: a high tide occurs at 2:04 am on Tuesday. A low tide follows at 8:25 am also on Tuesday. Another high tide is at 2:04 pm on Tuesday.

The sun rises at 5:29 am on Tuesday. It sets at 6:29 pm on Tuesday.

The extended forecast valid through to Wednesday night is for fair weather conditions with only isolated showers expected.


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