Belize’s Xate stocks rebound

By on July 8, 2018

Xate plants, Chiquibul
[Courtesy FCD]

San Ignacio, CAYO. Sunday, July 8, 2018. Belize’s Xate stocks have shown a dramatic recovery over the last 6 years.

That’s according to data just released by the non-governmental organization Friends for Conservation and Development, FCD.

In a report that was sent out on Sunday by FCD, the organization which co-manages the Chiquibul Forest Reserve notes that in 2012, Guatemalans were illegally extracting over 16 million xate leaves, raking in just over US$724 million in revenue.

Xate leaves
[Courtesy FCD]

FCD says that in 2018, they have recorded that illegal Xate harvest is down to 1.6 million leaves, translating to only US$73, 171 in earnings from he illegal trade. That is an 89.9% decrease, according to the FCD data.

FCD credits increased law enforcement patrols by Belizean authorities in the Chiquibul as being one of the major contributing factors to the decrease in the illegal Xate harvesting in Belize by Guatemalans  and the positive recovery of Belize’s Xate stocks.

Belizean law enforcement patrols
[Courtesy FCD]

FCD conclues that “Xatero human footprint has decreased considerably in the Chiquibul with small groups operating” in the area.

According FCD, when they took over co-management responsibilities in the Chiquibul back in 2007, there were approximately 1,500 Guatemalans pillaging our resources inside the Chiquibul, ranging as far as 50 kilometers into Belize’s territory to carry out the illegal activity.


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