Decrease in pump prices for regular gasoline and kerosene announced

By on July 9, 2018

Fuel station, Santa Elena, Cayo
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Belmopan, CAYO. Monday, July 9, 2018. Consumers will get some relief as the pump price for regular gasoline and kerosene will go down at midnight/Tuesday morning.

A government press release today announced that effective 12:01 am on Tuesday, a gallon of regular gasoline will cost $10.89 in Belize City, a reduction of 13 cents from the previous price per gallon.

At the same time, kerosene will see a 43 cents drop and will now sell for $8.21 per gallon.

The prices will vary in the districts, with consumers in the Toledo district paying the highest pump price in the country for gasolene.

The government press release explains that the reduction in pump prices for regular gasoline and kerosene “has come about as a result of a shipment that was procured by PUMA earlier last month,  when global oil prices were still declining.”

The Barrow administration believes that planned increase in oil production by Saudi Arabia and Russia in the coming months, will have the effect of stabilizing fuel prices as oil outputs trend upwards.

The price of premium gasoline and diesel remain unchanged in Belize.

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