Guatemalan trio caught inside the Chiquibul Forest

By on February 1, 2018
Gibnut caught in Chiquibul

Gibnut caught in Chiquibul

San Ignacio, CAYO. Thursday, February 1, 2018. Three Guatemalan men were caught hunting illegally inside of the Chiquibul National Park on Sunday.

Friends for Conservation and Development issued a press release today, reporting that Guatemalans Roni Alexander Lopez, Abraham Estevan Depaz and Encarnacion Depaz were caught near a cornfield in the Chiquibul on Sunday afternoon.

The three men each had shotguns and ammunition.

Furthermore, FCD says that Depaz had a Gibnut which he said he had hunted.

They men also had a horse in their possession.

Corn field where Guatemalans were found

Corn field where Guatemalans were found

The joint FCD Rangers, Belize Defence Force and Police Special Patrol Unit personnel detained the three Guatemalans and handed them over to the San Ignacio police on Monday night where relevant charges will be brought against them.

According to FCD, “hunting of wildlife in the Chiquibul Forest has been prominent nearby the western flank of the Chiquibul National Park.”

Shotguns the Guatemalans were carrying

Shotguns the Guatemalans were carrying

But FCD notes that in its 2016 report it was recorded that there was less evidence of hunting activities in the Chiquibul when compared to 2013.

At the time, this decrease was attributed to to what FCD said was “the dramatic decrease of illegal Xate extraction plus the cessation of illegal logging in the Chiquibul Forest.”

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