Little League Baseball Toledo – Laying the foundation

By on July 25, 2019

Jacintoville, TOLEDO. Thursday, July 25, 2019. The cool Tuesday evening provided the right atmosphere for the staging of the culmination of the inaugural Little League Baseball competition in the Toledo district.

Toledo Little League Champions

History was in the making as the group of boys under the banner of TFOCC Nationals suited up to take on their rivals, Team 31 North from the coastal village of Barranco.

It was the championship game and it brought out quite a crowd of spectators, both from the host village, Jacintoville and surrounding communities.

The wet condition of the field itself, after days of rain, underscored how challenging it was to pull of this great feat of not only organizing a Little League Baseball program, but executing it to completion.

During the course of the day, the players, including some members of the women’s team, put in their share of sweat equity to get the field in playing shape, including setting up tents and marking the lines for the playing area.

Two of the youth helping to get the field ready for playing

But it was all worth it in the end, and as one of the persons actively involved in making this happen, the final out of the exciting championship game was bitter sweet.

Looking back at the photographs that emerged from championship night, I choose the one at the top of this article, article to summarize how I feel about what was accomplished over the last few months.

This, as the photo captures, is the look of a championship team after 3 months of competition, and many more months of preparation and practice.

These are 16 boys – some of whom did not make it out to the game – all with different temperaments, different skills, and attitudes.

There were many challenging days both on the diamond and off the diamond and I am grateful to their parents for allowing me the opportunity to help mold them, not only into good baseball players for better citizens of their villages (Jacintoville and Elridge).

I need no pat on the back, but I wish to show to the world what can be achieved if we take just a little bit of effort and time to invest in the lives of our youth.

I still hold firm the belief that I had at the start of this initiative, that this is one group of young men that the police in the Toledo district will not have to come in contact with for being on the wrong side of the law.

Congratulations TFOCC Nationals. I am keeping each of you in prayer and your families as well.


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