Salvation Army officers get Marching Orders

By on July 9, 2018

Captain Wilkings Buissereth

Georgeville, CAYO. Monday, July 9, 2018. The Salvation Army Church is saying farewell to two of its officers/pastors.

Captains Wilkings and Rose-Marthe Buissereth have completed their tour of duties as Corps Officers/pastors in Georgeville, Cayo district.

They have been given new assignments in Guyana and are scheduled to depart Belize by the middle of the month.

Saying farewell

Captains Wilkings served in Georgeville for 7 years, having taken up their first appointment as Salvation Army Officers/pastors after graduating in 2011 from the Salvation Army’s Territorial Training College in Jamaica with the rank of Lieutenants.

On Sunday, July 8, a farewell service was held in Georgeville where pastors from other churches, the Regional Commanders of the Salvation Army in Belize and the people of Georgeville came out in full force to show their appreciation for the years of service that the departing officers gave to the community and country of Belize.

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