Multiple projects inaugurated in Pueblo Viejo village, Toledo

By on June 28, 2018

Project inauguration at San Francisco de Jeronimo r.C. School.

Pueblo Viejo, TOLEDO. Thursday, June 28, 2018. Three community projects were inaugurated today at the San Francisco de Jeronimo R.C. School in the Toledo district.

Two solar systems, one for the water system and another to provide electricity to classrooms and the school’s feeding program were officially inaugurated this morning during ceremonies at the school compound.

Parents and invited guests at the inauguration

Principal of the school Stephen Sho and his staff welcomed invited guests, village leaders and parents to join in the celebration of the achievements.

Official cutting of the ribbons for the three projects was done by media personality Patrick E. Jones and educator Francisco Cal who were special invited guests of the San Francisco de Jeronimo R.C. School.

According to the Principal, with the feeding program, each child attending the San Francisco de Jeronimo R.C. School now gets to enjoy a nutritious meal daily.

Students enjoying a nutritious meal

A team of 40 volunteer cooks from the village use a rotation system to ensure that meals are prepared daily for the children.

Inputs from the parents, many of whom are subsistence farmers, help to make it possible for the nutritious meals to be prepared.

The solar-powered water system now ensures a constant supply of water pumped directly from the nearby river for use in the bathrooms and for the school gardening program.

Mr. Sho explains that the school recently got connected to the village’s rudimentary water system and with an already functioning rainwater catchment system in place, they are looking to turn that into a money-making venture through a bottled water program.

The solar system to provide electricity to the classrooms will make it easier for teachers to use technology as teaching aids to assist the students in the learning process.

Here is the rendition of the Belize National Anthem in Mopan Maya by students of the San Francisco de Jeronimo R.C. School:

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