Thieves take busses from Toledo village

By on May 7, 2018

Cattle Landing, TOLEDO. Monday, May 7, 2018. The proprietors of Romero’s Charter Service located in Cattle Landing village, Toledo have gotten back one of two busses that were stolen late last week.

Busses stolen in Forest Home village

The second bus is a total write off as the thieves drove it along the Southern Highway.

The busses were parked at Romero’s Garage in Forest Home village on Thursday night (May 3) and sometime between the time they were parked and early Friday morning, thieves drove off with the two vehicles.

According to information we have received, one of the busses did not need a key to start it and the other, we are told that the thief knew how to throw the ignition so that they could move the bus.

We are also told that one of the culprits is a minor, but it is believed that he did not act alone in this daring robbery.

Overturned bus

According to the owners of the busses, the robbers drove the stolen busses towards Independence, but upon reaching near a saw mill in Bladen village, one of the busses overturned.

A formal report of the incident has been made to police and the name of a suspect was given to police, but so far no arrests have been made.

The criminals have since returned the stolen bus that was not damaged.

The police in Punta Gorda town are investigating this robbery.

Hopefully their investigation will lead the officers to the culprits and give justice to the proprietor of Romero’s Charter Service.

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